Specializing in Rubber Stamp Designs for the Art & Hobby Market


We make sure that the artwork for creating arts & hobby products, such as rubber stamps, is highly detailed and production-ready.  Hand drawings, photographs and vintage engravings become products for everyone to use, from a hobbyist to the brand owner.

Artists of all ages and backgrounds these days are creating more hand made paper crafts, mixed media projects, home decor items, and jewelry than ever before.  These products are sold at specialty corner stores, niche online retailers and large internet vendors.

Creating one of a kind artisan products has become a profitable endeavor. Whether it’s Deep Red Stamps or one of the private label brands, crafters enjoy using the detailed rubber stamps that are made with our proprietary artwork production process.

What we do

Graphic Design Services

Conversion of Photos and Original Artwork

One Bit Line Art File Preparation

Layouts for Rubber Stamp Production


Deep Red Stamps are sold worldwide in arts and crafts marketplaces. These cling stamps have a reputation of being highly detailed, deeply etched and versatile for use with all stamping inks and on all surfaces.

JPS Digital LLC has been working with artists, businesses, non-profits and brand owners to create rubber stamps since 2003.


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