the ART of graphic design

JPS Digital is a full time graphic design company specializing in converting digital artwork files from photographs, hand drawn illustrations and vector sketches.  We have over 15 years experience creating artwork for the production of physical products in the arts and crafts market.

Through the trademarked brand Deep Red Stamps, our team manages the fulfillment of both retail and wholesale sales channels worldwide.

Located in central Florida, we have worked with artists and businesses in Germany, France, Norway, Finland, UAE, United Kingdom, Japan to name a few. They use our graphics design services to create their own boutique brand of rubber stamps and other products.

 our experience

Many promotional products, such as textiles, require simplified file formats that have been converted from complex color files into line art or one color.  This is where our experience and attention to detail will make your project a true success. 

We also offer other graphic design services with the latest software and equipment, including bitmap image enhancing, product photography and videos, and AI image generation. Some of the programs we use are CorelDraw, CorelPaint, Davinci Resolve, and Adobe Photoshop.


 our story


We began by converting photographs to line art for customers making rubber stamps across the US. Our unique process and attention to detail brought us national attention in lifestyle magazines, such as Oprah’s and Martha Stewart’s and online blogs and publications including MarketWatch. 

Many of our customers were small businesses using customized artwork to stamp onto promotional items. Additionally, we have collaborated with large organizations like the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Restoration Department, schools, churches, US military units and non-profits.


Our talent in graphic design combined with our experience in business management gives us our competitive advantage. We hope to work with you on your next graphic design project.  Fill out our contact form below to get in touch.


With artificial intelligence, our world is changing the way we create, grow and learn. We believe that the collaboration of people with a positive common goal will always be required. We are committed to preserving our global partnerships and share the vision of conserving this planet & all of its natural wonder for future generations.



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